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Story - Various Topics for Conversation with London Escorts

Various Topics for Conversation with London Escorts

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When you find yourself walking through a park with a sexy London escort or sitting across from her at a dinner table, there are all sorts of conversation topics that you can cover. Having a few in the back of your mind will make it easier to get to know her and keep the conversation flowing for as long as the two of you are together.


Travelling is something that just about everyone can relate to. You may be surprised by some of the exciting places that London escorts have been able to travel to. They may have gone on their own or they may have accompanied another client.

Additionally, many escorts are from exotic locations such as Eastern Europe or Latin America. You can talk to them about their culture as well as how long they have been in the UK. Many are extremely talkative about who they are and their roots, giving you a better sense of who they really are at heart.

Of course, if you have travelled the world, you can impress the escorts with stories of some of your own travels. They would love to hear about some of the sites you have seen.


You might want to talk to some of the London escorts about the hobbies that they enjoyed. This can be a great way to break the ice and get to know her a little bit better. Some of the hobbies that our girls have our extraordinary and help to add to their personality. Some are fitness enthusiasts that are learning how to pole dance while others go to yoga studios every day. Several of our escorts are artists and poets and there are also a couple who are learning how to be pastry chefs.


If you run out of conversations or you want to spice things up, start talking about fantasies. Many of our girls are extremely open about the fantasies that they have been able to bring to life and some of the fetish-based fantasies that they have yet to live out. They want to hear about some of your wildest fantasies as well. If you are extremely fortunate, it may be possible to role-play some of these fantasies so that you can create some unforgettable memories during your time in London.

Having a few conversation starters in your head will help you to avoid any kind of awkward silence. Of course, our escorts are extremely outgoing so you will never have to worry about any awkwardness. If you don’t want to have a conversation, you can also choose to simply live in the moment. Our escorts will be able to keep you entertained no matter what.